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Eclipse Rx

Eclipse Rx


ORDER your Eclipse Rx ® TodayEclipse Rx ® Personal UV Monitoring Device & Mobile App

The advanced approach to sun protection, Eclipse Rx was developed by Board-Certified Dermatologists. The solar powered personal UV sun monitoring wearable device + activity tracker syncs with its own mobile app to monitor your real time UV sun exposure.   Designed for people who love the outdoors and want to protect their skin from sun-related health and beauty issues, Eclipse Rx is the first device of its kind that is powered by the sun!  

The Eclipse Rx Mobile App is available for iOS, coming soon for Android.

Download the Eclipse Rx Mobile App on Apple's App Store
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Features and Benefits of Eclipse Rx Sun Monitoring Device and Mobile App


Eclipse Rx Wearable Device:
• First ever solar powered UV sun monitoring device
• Developed by Board-Certified Dermatologists
• Tracks sun exposure with sensors that record ultraviolet light
• Tracks the UV index, which is the strength of the sun
• Activity tracker logs your daily steps
• Vibrates to alert you when to reapply sunscreen or move out of the sun
• Water resistant
• Sleek, high tech unisex design 
• Color: black 
• One size fits all

Eclipse Rx Mobile App:
• Syncs with the Eclipse Rx wearable device
• Provides UV exposure monitoring, alerting and data collection
• Input your personal profile: skin type and sun screen SPF details
• Available for iOS on Apple's App Store

Download the Eclipse Rx Mobile App on Apple's App Store

• Coming soon for Android on Google Play

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Unisex, One Size Fits All, Color Black