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Published : 11/23/2018 06:30:00
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You are My Sunshine - Sun Protection with Eclipse Rx Sun Monitoring Wearable

Sunshine is Great!

That warm feeling is exactly what we love to feel. Even in the cold of winter. Think about your car on a cold, sunny winter day. When you get inside, doesn’t it feel warm? We cannot live on earth without the sun. Plain and simple. But... the sun is not always our friend. The truth of the matter is that the sun causes more cancer than any other environmental agent.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are called UV radiation. Radiation typically is never a good thing. Especially, since it is getting worse each year due to the environment and the ozone. Each 1% decrease in the ozone will cause a 2% increase in skin cancer. And, we have not even spoken about how the sun make your skin look. More to come on that later.

So what to do about the change in ozone and increase sun strength or (second hand sun)? We are asking people to protect their skin in a whole new way. We have more options than ever before and yet the skin cancer rates keep rising. Why? Well, tanning beds were and are a problem. It is still a multi billion dollar industry and people still equate tan skin with healthy skin. Let’s be clear. Tan skin is sun-damaged skin like sun burnt skin is sun-damaged skin. But, fortunately, like smoking, the use of tanning beds is slowly decreasing.

A bigger problem, and one that is not well known, is the fact that people are not using sunscreen correctly. Imagine if you wore a seat belt made of dental floss. Really? That is how most people use sun protection. They don’t use enough to provide the protection they are expecting based on the SPF number on the bottle. How do we fix that?

One great solutions is Eclipse Rx®, a personal UV sun monitor + activity tracker. Think of it as an electric MOM ( e-MOM) watching over you and your skin. For all of us to be healthy and active outdoors, we need to care for our largest organ. That organ is our skin.

Eclipse Rx uses patent pending technology to account for real world sun protection and real world sunscreen application. We think of it as a ‘win for your skin.’ Eclipse Rx is a wearable wrist technology that provides peace of mind outdoors. In fact, we want people to LUV LIFE OUTDOORS™.

Eclipse Rx tracks the sun's UV rays and when paired to a smart phone, provides you with personalized information based on your individual skin type. It is solar powered so it only needs charging 2 x per month. Once you download the app and answer a few simple questions to identify your skin type, you just tell it each day what SPF you've applied and that’s it. The wearable device then monitors the sun’s UV rays, collects the data, and translates it into your amount of exposure with notifications and alerts to prevent you from over exposure, sun damage and skin cancer risk.Eclipse Rx also alerts you based on preset amounts of exposure and reminds you to reapply every 2 hours.

So, to protect your skin from the sun, wear Eclipse Rx® and apply sun protection (an SPF of at least 30) routinely!  Every day, year round, on vacations, at the beach, the pool, hiking, running, skiing, all outdoor activites.

Concerned about aging of the skin and skin beauty? You should be! Aging of skin is also caused by these same damaging UV rays. In fact, 90% of the skin changes that occur from aging are caused by the sun.

Whether you care about healthy or beauty, you can win either way when you partner Eclipse Rx with your favorite daily sun screen. Imagine, finally having a way to stay as young as you can with your favorite sunscreen and Eclipse Rx. Remember, we are not blocking the fun, just tracking the sun!

Find Out What the UV Index is in Your Area

The EPA sponsors a helpful tool below that can provide your with information about the UV index in your area.  Enter your location information below (i.e., zip code, city, state), then click the green search icon.  You will be redirected to the EPA's web site where the UV index information for your area will be displayed for you. 

Use UV index information to help you plan for how much sun protection you need based on your skin type.  If you don't know what your skin type is, click here to learn more.

About Eclipse Rx®

Eclipse Rx ® Personal UV Monitoring Device & Mobile App

Eclipse Rx® is a wearable device that helps protect your skin and helps prevent skin cancer. Not only does the Eclipse Rx notify you to either move into the shade or reapply sunscreen, it also protects your skin from premature aging.  Order Eclipse Rx®

LUV Life Outdoors

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