The Future of Living Podcast - Using Wearable Tech to Prevent Skin Cancer

Published : 05/08/2019 12:56:44
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The Future of Living Podcast - Dr. Brian Matthys – Using Wearable Tech to Prevent Skin Cancer

Dermatologist, historian, lifeguard, tech developer, pop culturist…

Dr. Brian Matthys, Dermatologist and creator of the Eclipse Rx a wearable skin cancer prevention device, grew up in Nebraska were the winters are brutally cold. Temperatures were so cold in fact that lakes and ponds would freeze over so much that a pickup truck could be driven across. It was on one of these frozen ponds that Dr. Brian Matthys had a life changing experience when he fell through the ice and was rescued by a childhood friend. Dr. Matthys says his near-death experience contributed to where he is now in life. He says, “he was meant to do more”. With his new outlook on life the first thing he did was learn to swim. As a teenager Dr. Brian became a lifeguard where he witnessed, firsthand, what the effects of over exposer to the sun has on the skin. He eventually pursued a degree in medicine becoming a board-certified physician in the field of dermatology. 

As a dermatologist Brian had a calling to again, to do more for his patients and individuals suffering from skin conditions. Dr. Brian wanted to make a long-term impact in the healthcare field that he is passionate about. His wearable, real time data collection device, the Eclipse Rx is doing just that. This revolutionary wearable device detects and warns its user when they have spent too much time in the sun’s harmful rays. Brian hopes the raised awareness that the Eclipse Rx provides will lead to a decrease in incidence of skin cancer. Not only does the device provide a warning system for the user to seek shade or re-apply sunblock the goal of this device is to make skin cancer history by encouraging and teaching protective behaviors. 

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