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Published : 05/19/2018 18:03:55
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We’re all used to hearing the term SPF when it comes to advertisements for different brands of sunscreen/sunblock, but where the heck did SPF originate and what are the most important facts to understand about SPF?

SPF stands for “Sun Protection Factor”. This standard for measuring sunscreen effectiveness was established in the 1940’s by a Swiss chemistry student Franz Greiter; in conjunction with research by Friedrich Ellinger and Rudolf Schulze. While climbing Mount Piz Buin on the Swiss-Austrian border, Greiter suffered from yet another painful sunburn. This inspired Greiter to create a formulated skin protection that had the potential to decrease the severity of future sunburns. Greiter formulated Gletscher Crème (Glacier Cream) which became the basis for the company Piz Buin, a water-resistant sunscreen that absorbs UVA and UVB sun rays.

eclipse-rx-facebook-video-graphic-skiersAround the same time during World War II, Benjamin Green of the United States Army, along with other members of The U.S. Military were exposed to the relentless and unforgiving rays of the sun. Military personnel were suffering from sun overexposure and sun-related sicknesses. Green created a product called Red Vet Pet (Red Veterinary Petrolatum). This created a physical barrier as a sun blocking agent, but it had limited effectiveness, and was extremely messy, like petroleum jelly.

After the war, Benjamin Green became a pharmacist and created the formula that would later become Coppertone®. Green used the SPF standard and created different levels of sunscreen protection. The familiar Coppertone® Girl was added to its branding in the late 1950’s by illustrator Joyce Ballantyne, who used her three-year-old daughter Cheri as her inspiration.

Many, many years and formulations later, sunscreen has evolved into what we know it to be now. There is a multitude of sunscreens with a variety of SPF (Sun Protection Factor) levels to choose from and skin sensitivity types.

Regular SPF sunscreen vs. Broad-Spectrum SPF sunscreen?

Most often, a person’s first instinct is to purchase a high SPF name brand product. But, not all products are created equally and not all SPF’s protect the skin completely.

Regular SPF Sunscreen will only protect a person from short wave UVB (Ultraviolet B) sun rays. UVB sun rays are what cause sunburns and create risk for the development of skin cancer.

Broad-Spectrum SPF Sunscreen will protect the skin from the even more harmful and cancer-causing long wave UVA (Ultraviolet A) sun rays, which penetrate deep into the skins thickest layer. Broad-spectrum sunscreens are labeled as Broad-Spectrum protection, Multi-Spectrum or UVA/UVB Protection.

It is recommended that everyone use a broad-spectrum SPF of at least 30 to protect their skin from sun damage, premature aging and possible skin cancer.

What else can I use to Protect My Skin Besides Sunscreen?

Clothing is a great way to protect your skin. Many outdoor, running, sporting, and regular clothing companies create clothes with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). This reduces the amount of UV rays absorbed by your skin through your clothing. Darker colored clothing such as black, dark blues or greens offer better protection against UV rays than light colored clothes.

Many outdoor companies treat their clothes with chemical UV absorbers that dramatically reduce the number of UVA/UVB rays that are absorbed into your skin. Or, you can purchase laundry additives that contain sunscreen protection to use as you wash your clothes such as SunGuard® with UPF of 30.

Why is the understanding of SPF (Sun Protection Factor) so important and how does sunscreen SPF work in combination with Eclipse Rx®?

SPF is the primary mechanism by which people choose to protect their skin. The Sun Protection Factor was designed to help people not only be outdoors safely, but it is also a numeric number that is supposed to guide people to how much SPF protection they should use based upon their personal skin type.

Unfortunately, people use lower numbers and apply less than they should. There is a false sense of security when are using an SPF of 30, 50 or 100 without the need to constantly reapply. The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is really the only option next to protecting yourself with shade or with clothing that protects with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor).

How does SPF work in Combination with Eclipse Rx®?

Eclipse Rx® is designed to work with your skin type. When you set up the device, you are asked a series of questions such as, your hair and eye color and if you burn easily. If you have blonde hair, blue eyes and burn easily, you would be a skin type of one. If you are African American with extremely dark skin and brown eyes, you would be a skin type of six. All this information is input into the application/device.

Eclipse Rx® factors in, based on your skin type and whether you applied sunscreen, the amount of time you can be outside before sun damage occurs. Also, Eclipse Rx® calculates the UV index, the strength if the sun, and will alert you when you have reached 25% of maximum sun exposure, 50%, 75% and big time at 100% because that is when you are about to sunburn.

Skin cancer is more common than all other cancers combined. We spend over $8 Billion dollars a year treating skin cancers and millions more on sunburns. 1 person dies per hour from malignant melanoma in the United States alone, yet it is the easiest to prevent with a lotion that you can apply within 45 seconds.

"Eclipse Rx is not trying to be just another wearable device. Eclipse Rx want to MAKE. SKIN CANCER. HISTORY. We want people to be aware of the sun, and not be afraid to live in it. When it is freezing outside, people take appropriate measures to protect themselves. It is the same concept with sun protection. It can be 65 ° outside and people will not think about protecting their skin because it is not the 100° summer heat. But, during certain times of the year, the sun can be more potent than you anticipate. Snow is beautiful, and most people love to play in it with their families. Snow reflects up to 90% of the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays back onto your skin. Also, higher elevations have thinner air and an increased level of UVB sun rays."

Eclipse Rx® has multiple sensors that gives you an estimated UV Index (strength of the sun) and calculates how much time you can be outside before you start to receive skin damage.

Why Eclipse Rx®?

Eclipse Rx ® Personal UV Monitoring Device & Mobile AppThe Eclipse Rx wearable sun monitoring device and mobile app were designed for people who have concerns about skin cancer and skin care. Maybe a family member was recently diagnosed with skin cancer, and now they are more The Eclipseconcerned about their own skin? There are specific types of skin cancer such as atypical mole-melanoma syndrome (FAM-M Syndrome) that are genetic. Those that know they carry this gene, are usually more proactive about their skin care.

We all have heard that one serious burn increases your risk of skin cancer by 20%. A person who has a history of tanning bed use or of sunburns may now be more proactive about their skin to protect it from more damage.

We want our patients to not only have a way to protect themselves. We want them to know what is happening in their environment, provide them a peace of mind, and we want to provide an opportunity for people to love life outdoors, while being aware of what the outdoors brings them. That is the mission behind the Eclipse Rx® device.

The Eclipse Rx® device is water resistant with a sleek high tech unisex design. The device tracks and logs how many steps you take daily and pairs/syncs with its own innovative mobile app.

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® Recommendations for the Best Brands of Sunscreen:

Simply put, we recommend a sunscreen that you like, and will wear every day. But, if you would like our recommendation on sunscreen, we would recommend:

SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion SPF 50

Eco Sport

Avène Mineral Based Sunscreen

Adorable Baby

Goddess Garden

We encourage you to do some research. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) has a webpage dedicated to the comparison of best and worst sunscreens available on the market, LEARN MORE.

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