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Published : 03/13/2018 17:19:02
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Wearable Technology is Changing Lives

Modern hand held electronics and components have seemingly transformed, overnight, the way we communicate, take in information, listen to music, socialize and so much more. Modern day hand held mobile devices and phones have revolutionized the way we digest information by moving it from print, television and desktop computers to literally, our fingertips. Apple Founder Steve Jobs, paved the way, designing mobile devices that allowed users to communicate, listen to music, search the internet and more on a single, small "handheld" device. The rapid, quick to market technology that ensued helped to spearhead the development of "wearable technology" (Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin Vivo Series, Google Glass, Jawbone, LG Band, Microsoft Band, Samsung Gear, Vuzix, Zebra and the list goes on and on.

Eclipse Rx ® Personal UV Monitoring Device & Mobile AppHow the Eclipse Rx® Wearable Works to Change the Way You Think About the Sun

The "Sunburn" Natures way of letting us know we've had too much sun exposure. As painful as sunburns can be they often are not enough of a reminder to us to reapply sunscreen, wear protective clothing or move into the shade or indoors when we've had too much sun.

Modern microtechnology has provided us with greater opportunities to design all types of features and functionality into small wearable devices. We can track blood sugar, heart rate, how much water we drink, how many steps we take each day, our sleep patterns and now with the Eclipse Rx device, we can also monitor our sun exposure.

The Eclipse Rx personal UV monitoring device was designed to protect against sun related risks. It gently reminds you to stop and take account of your sun habits and change the way you think about sun exposure. Eclipse Rx is on a mission to make skin cancer history and to also help individuals preserve the beauty of their skin. The device is also helping individuals with medical conditions triggered by or aggrevated by the sun, for example Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP), Actinic Folliculitis, Actinic Prurigo, Bloom Syndrome, Darier's Disease, Lupus, Polymorphic Light Eruption and many other conditions.

Why is it important to protect our skin?

Many people have a false sense of safety when it comes to sun exposure. The majority of us don't think about the risk of skin cancer when we are enjoying outdoor activities, on vacation or at work where our jobs involve being outside all day. The statistics show that one in five people will end up with some type of skin cancer in their lifetime and one out of every 30 people will be diagnosed with melanoma.

Before the 1920’s laying out in the sun and "tanning" was not something people did. It was not until Coco Chanel, French fashion designer and a major influencer during the 20th century, came back from a Mediterranean Cruise with "sun kissed" skin (a sunburn). Her celebrated sunburn began the worldwide trend of tanning. It was just a matter of time before skin cancer cases increased, hitting the startling numbers we see today.

Over exposure to the sun not only has the potential to cause skin cancer but has been proven to increase the aging process. With repetitive over exposure, the sun weakens the elasticity of the skin which causes premature wrinkles and sagging.

Skin cancer and sun damage can be prevented. Eclipse Rx™ is providing a tool, that if used properly, will be helpful with managing your health, beauty and overall longevity.

How does Eclipse Rx know when to provide users with Reapply Sunscreen “Reminders?

The Eclipse Rx device is a smart device, customized with your own personal attributes like your skin type and the type of sunscreen you use. The wrist device knows when to remind you to reapply sunscreen by gently vibrating and sending a push notification to your mobile phone.

The engineering and design of the device allows it to constantly and accurately measure your real time exposure to UV radiation. The Eclipse Rx is also powered by the sun so you never need to worry about having to recharge it when you are at work or at play outdoors.

How does Eclipse Rx know when to provide users with UV Exposure “Alerts?”

Eclipse Rx will monitor your total UV exposure and send you alerts when you've reached 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% increment of your total UV sun exposure.

Alert notifications are also sent to your mobile phone and the wrist device will gently vibrate to indicate you have an alert. Alerts are based on the strength of the UV index, your specific skin type, the sunscreen SPF your are using and how often you have applied it. For example if the UV index is low, and you have a dark complexion, you would receive fewer alerts than someone with fair skin.

Eclipse Rx will alert you to move inside or into the shade to avoid sun damage when you reach 75% and 100% of your recommended sun exposure. When you move out of the sun completely, the device will no longer read the UV index and alerts will subside.

"Every day you properly apply sunscreen, your skin will thank you. You will notice the visible results, your skin will be healthier, and with healthy skin comes confidence and happiness."

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